We are a flexibility

We are creating new business models for energy systems. We enable you to consume electricity when it is cheap – and produce it when it is the most valuable. We will optimize your electricity consumption and production, helping you to maximize revenues and minimize costs.

We are part of the Nano Energies group

As a demand response provider, we are changing the rules of the game, creating new business models for how energy systems operate. We will enable you to consume electricity when it is cheap – and produce it when it is most valuable.

We are a member of the Czech technology group Nano Energies, which since 2008 has been successfully and sustainably trading and supplying electricity. We offer our customers greater control over their electricity consumption and production. Our key strength is a team of leading mathematicians, analysts and programmers. Together, they have designed predictive mathematical models for trading on energy markets and flexible management of energy assets. Thanks to their detailed knowledge of the electricity markets, we have been successfully trading on energy exchanges in the Czech Republic, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

14 years

Our innovations have been transforming the conservative electricity market for over a decade.

EUR 116 million turnover

The annual turnover of the Nano Energies Group reached EUR 116 million.

110 team members

We have in-house experts, in our analytical, IT, trading, and sales teams.

10% of revenues goes back into R&D

We are constantly investing in research into new technologies in energy use.

Flexibility is the future of electricity consumption 

Flexibility is the new non-commodity service in the energy sector, allowing you to increase electricity generation revenues and reduce electricity costs. By using intelligent algorithms and data analytics, we make the most of your plant equipment in real time. We thus maximize the revenues of our customers while reducing their electricity costs.

We achieve maximum value by connecting to the spot electricity market. We buy and sell electricity at the most advantageous moment for our customers. And by integrating with our aggregator, we also offer customers the option in the future of the transmission systems operator using the customer’s flexibility for ancillary services.