Cutting-edge technology

and analytics

To get the best results, we use the latest technology, together with advanced mathematical models and our highly accurate electricity price forecasts. We maximize your electricity generation revenues and reduce your electricity costs. We also take advantage of flexible consumption and production to trade on seven European electricity spot markets.

A trading 
team working 24/7

At our central dispatch room, a team of experts is monitoring and evaluating market opportunities for you around the clock. The team applies advanced mathematical models and our long-term experience. We sell and buy electricity at exactly the right moment – at exactly the right price.

Monitoring 24/7
We have the market under control

Profitable transactions
Profit maximisation

Smart prediction models to bring you the best results

Minute by minute, we are updating estimated electricity prices, with the help of a full range of prediction models, including weather forecasts. And by applying modern statistical methods, we make the most of your electricity consumption and generation, including through buying and selling.

Successful predictions
Sophisticated techniques

Mathematical models
Portfolio optimisation

Advanced analytics

Besides analysing the electricity markets, we evaluate the operating conditions of your assets. Applying full range of parameters enables us to boost your revenues, while ensuring that your operating conditions are not restricted.

Accurate estimates
We monitor both your business operations and the markets.

Real-time evaluations
Continuous analysis

Flexibility is the future of electricity consumption

With the help of intelligent algorithms and data analytics, we will optimize and manage how your assets, from a freezer warehouse to a cogeneration plant, operate in real time. We buy and sell electricity at precisely the right moment. We do so by trading on the electricity market to achieve maximum value.

Cost savings

Increased revenues

How does a flexibility aggregator work?

Production and consumption

We partner with major industrial companies and cogeneration units.

Cogeneration units


Power stations

Battery energy storage systems

Industrial sector



We connect the end device in the way that suits you best.

Communication is secured with SSL encryptions.

Operating conditions 
We carefully tailor our proposal to your needs, based on factors such as noise reduction, the minimum number of engine operating hours, and other criteria.

We connect to the local MaR or via API in the form of server to server authentication.

Central control room

We manage the plant equipment in real time, in line with current and forecasted electricity prices.

Mathematical models
Our proposals make the most of a flexible approach to your plant equipment.

We forecast spot market electricity prices.

We trade 24/7 in electricity in seven European countries..

Financial benefit

We increase electricity generation revenues and reduce your electricity costs.

Increased revenues
Adopt flexible management and generate electricity when it reaches its highest value.

Cost savings
By optimizing your consumption, we reduce your electricity costs.

Getting started

Connecting your assets to the portfolio of our flexibility aggregator is simple. In the majority of cases, we bear the costs of doing so.

1. Flexibility analysis 

We analyse your input data, involving consideration of all the operational constraints, and demonstrate the benefits of flexible management.

2. Proposal

Our proposal includes specific conditions of our partnership and recommendations for the technical aspects of our work, in addition to quantification of the expected financial benefit.

3. Implementation

We connect to your assets through your control system and link the equipment to our central dispatch system via the server. We manage your plant equipment remotely in real time.

4. Dispatch control

You set the rules. The flexibility approach applied to the plant equipment will be based on the operating parameters, time constraints and production targets, all defined by you.

5. Financial benefit

With the flexDESk mobile and desktop application, you have an overview of how your plant equipment is operating, and of the revenues resulting from flexible management.