Optimizing operating costs of a freezer warehouse

More economical operation  

Indoor freezer warehouses are commonly operated based on “simple” control of ambient and indoor temperature measurements. The compressors of the freezer system are automatically started when the control system assesses that the temperature inside the building has risen due to the outside temperature or other variables.  

In contrast, the new flexible control shifts electricity consumption over time based on a predictive model in a way that is most advantageous to the operator while maintaining operational comfort. The system works using advanced algorithms including weather forecasting. This means that the cost of operating the freezers is significantly reduced but also the temperature inside is carefully controlled to never exceed the agreed limit. Our experience confirms that flexible control reduces electricity costs for freezers by as much as 10% and has no other effect on the operation of the business.  

Shifting consumption over time 

Thanks to the thermal mass of the goods in the freezer storage area and the insulation of the building, the temperature fluctuations of the entire system are relatively low. We can therefore make the operation more efficient by advanced management of the cold supply to the building, thereby reducing energy consumption.  

By using predictive control of the refrigeration compressors, we can manage the electricity consumption according to the current market price. This brings at least 10 percent savings to the cold stores. The amount of savings depends on the size and energy consumption of a particular installation.   

The basic condition for flexible energy management with regard to cold storage is to never risk the quality of the goods inside the freezer. Therefore, we constantly monitor and observe all the set parameters of the system in order not to compromise the quality and safety of the stored goods. 

2 MW
freezer power input 

eal-time control 

10 % 
cost savings 

Operational performance first 

We guarantee to our partners, that flexible control will not compromise the quality of stored goods. The operator retains full control over the entire system and can influence the operation of his equipment as required.  

Compliance with all restrictive operating conditions is an important part of flexible control. We work together with our partners to meet the reliability and safety required of individual equipment operation. 

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