7% boost to electricity revenues at municipal heating plants

Intelligent control  

The MVV energy CZ Group is a major producer and supplier of thermal energy and is involved in modern and highly efficient combined heat and power generation. They were interested in the concept of flexible control, which replaces traditional operation based on a pre-agreed electricity supply schedule at a fixed price. 

Based on the live capacity of the grid, we designed an intelligent control system for five CHP units operated in Česká Lípa with a total installed capacity of 9 MW. The objective was to optimize the operation of the machines for maximum profitability without limiting the reliability and safety of the local heat supply system. 

Fast implementation  

First, we carried out a study based on the unique operating profile at Česká Lípa. We identified all critical points and agreed with the client on the changes. In the final phase of the project, the technical interconnection of the CHP units and our control room was put in place to ensure secure communication and data transfer. The entire process, from setting the terms of cooperation to integrating the equipment into our flexible aggregator portfolio, was completed in a matter of weeks.  

7 %
increase in annual revenue 

9 MWe 
total CGU capacity 

2 x 
average daily activation 

Increase in revenue 

By flexibly managing the operation of the five CHP units based on real-time instructions from the central control room, we were able to increase annual power generation revenues by 7%. 

As a result of the flexible management of KGJ, the profitability of the CHP units in operation has increased. On a positive note, our initial fears of a high number of starts and an increase in failure rates have not been confirmed. Reliability of heat supply has been maintained.
Libor Stuchlík, Managing Director of G-RONN s.r.o., member of the MVV Group

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