Digital Energy Services s.r.o.
DRN - Národní 135/14
110 00 Praha, Nové Město

How to reach us

Company registration number: 28188861
Tax identification number: CZ28188861
Incorporated in the Companies Register Maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, in Part C, File 131643

Meet our team of energy experts

Stanislav Chvála

Nano Energies

+420 226 257 257

Whether you are a power consumer or producer, we help you get the best out of your energy assets by managing them flexibly, no matter how complex your needs. After all, we love every challenge! 

Tomáš Mužík

Digital Energy Services

+420 226 257 257

Are you interested in a new concept of flexible management for your machinery and power plants? Get in touch with me and we can discuss this further.

Lukáš Svačina


+420 724 252 602

I will come up with the right technical solution for you, delivering cost savings to your business.

Jan Novák

Project manager

+420 777 457 463

At the implementation stage, I ensure that your assets are smoothly connected to our central dispatch system. I also make sure that flexDESk is tailored to your needs.