Production and consumption

We partner with major industrial companies and cogeneration units.

Cogeneration units


Power stations

Battery energy storage systems

Industrial sector



We connect the end device in the way that suits you best.

Communication is secured with SSL encryptions.

Operating conditions 
We carefully tailor our proposal to your needs, based on factors such as noise reduction, the minimum number of engine operating hours, and other criteria.

We connect to the local MaR or via API in the form of server to server authentication.

Central control room

We manage the plant equipment in real time, in line with current and forecasted electricity prices.

Mathematical models
Our proposals make the most of a flexible approach to your plant equipment.

We forecast spot market electricity prices.

We trade 24/7 in electricity in seven European countries..

Financial benefit

We increase electricity generation revenues and reduce your electricity costs.

Increased revenues
Adopt flexible management and generate electricity when it reaches its highest value.

Cost savings
By optimizing your consumption, we reduce your electricity costs.