Producing or consuming electricity? Get the perfect balance every time

Boost your business with our game-changing technology

As a demand response company, we are changing the rules of the game, creating new models for how energy systems operate. We thus show you how to consume electricity when it is cheap – and produce it when it is most valuable. We will optimize your consumption and production, helping you to maximize revenues and minimize costs.

Advanced analytics

Applying a wide range of analytical models enables us to boost your revenues, while ensuring that your production activities and operational conditions are not restricted.

Forecasting models

We use modern statistical methods to make the most of your electricity consumption and production, including electricity purchase and selling.

Trading team 24/7

Working around the clock, the trading team in our central control room keeps track of markets and prices, and carefully assesses them. We apply the team’s expert knowledge to buy and sell electricity at the best possible price.

Flexibility is the future of electricity consumption

With the help of intelligent algorithms and data analytics, we will optimize and manage how your assets, from a freezer warehouse to a cogeneration plant, operate in real time. We buy and sell electricity at precisely the right moment. We do so by trading on the electricity market to achieve maximum value.

Cost savings

Increased revenues

Your tailor-made solution for producing and consuming electricity

Significant opportunities exist in several sectors for taking advantage of flexible management, meaning that you do not run your production facilities and power plants continuously. Assisted by advanced algorithms and data analytics, we optimize your assets' operation in real time. Thus, we reduce your electricity costs – and increase your electricity production revenues.

Heating plants

Electricity producers

Metal processing

Large buildings

Wastewater treatment plants

Industrial companies

Industrial pumps

Refrigerated warehouses

Battery energy storage systems

Case studies

What are the key benefits of flexible management for your assets? We will reduce your electricity consumption costs and maximize electricity production revenues. Take a look into our case studies.
7% boost to electricity revenues at municipal heating plants

7% boost to electricity revenues at municipal heating plants

Our flexible management policy at five cogeneration plants, based on instructions from our central dispatch system, clearly paid off. We boosted annual electricity production revenues by 7%

Optimizing operating costs of a freezer warehouse

Optimizing operating costs of a freezer warehouse

We optimized electricity consumption based on real-time electricity prices by flexibly managing the compressor system at a freezer warehouse.

Reduced costs at a major industrial producer

Reduced costs at a major industrial producer

In certain cases, temporarily limiting the production of primary products and reducing electricity consumption may be advantageous. Doing so enables you to generate additional revenues.